Sunday, December 15, 2013

Money Manners

Congratulations and welcome to adulthood. As a member of working class society, you will at one point or another be the recipient or be a participant in the Money Game. See the money game usually includes participants between the ages of 25-45. After that point it is believed that you know well enough to call off these shenanigans.
Let me explain: After completing a scholastic degree, you will interview for and hopefully be offered a note- worthy job. Here's a crucial part of the Game: What do you make? Who do you tell? Do you embellish? Fast forward to buying a home. How much do you put down? Do you talk in numbers or percent's. And then the final blow: He buys the ring. And the same Tacky person that is playing the Money Game, now asks how much he spent...Deplorable. Suddenly, your worth as a person, has a number on it.
I'm here to tell you: No One Cares.
Your parents may want to know for reference after they've just paid off your tuition. Your spouse will want to know for bill sharing and budgeting talks. But No One, and I really mean NO one else cares. And not only is your oversharing unnecessary, it's Tacky.
100% of the time, the conversation is brought up with no pre- cursor. And 99% of the time it's brought up by someone that has to talk about it, because it's just that: Talk.
Years ago I knew a woman's who's husband owned and ran a tool and die shop. The Kraft's had more money than I'm sure they knew what to do with for 5 lifetimes. Mr. Kraft was so distraught about not having work for his staff one holiday season, he kept them all working. They re- painted the shop, re- carpeted and painted the front offices, and re- sided the building. Mr. Kraft drove himself to work everyday in his beat up Jeep. He never ever talked about money, and to most people, you'd have thought he was one of the laborers.
Money is messy to me. Years ago I found out what my Dad had made in his hey day as a State Trooper. I was flabbergasted that by age 30 I had surpassed his earnings. I felt shameful. How could he have supported a family of 5, and I just keep buying shoes and purses? I was in a relationship with another person and between us both, we made over 6 figures(just for reference), with no children. Shameful.
In business, I am completely motivated by money. I think to the $10, in gain or loss. I deconstruct everything that happened the week prior and make quick changes to make up for any loss the following week. If someone with a similar business make- up as mine and is grossing more, I take it as a personal insult. I had a old boss tell me once that "Hope isn't a business plan", and it stuck everyday.
I now make less than 1/2 of what I did 4 years ago. I'm here to tell you: I am not the money I make. The money I make is merely the compensation I receive for the work I do to make others money. I thrive everyday, and still am buying my shoes and purses. Your not the money you make either. And if your a friend of mine, you should know that what money you make, doesn't matter to me.
So stop playing games. Either you or someone you know is doing this. And it's doing nothing for your character, or theirs, by continuing this dreadful exchange. Your playing a losing round of
The Money Game.

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