Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Cropped out Christmas

I've been thinking about this post All week. 
Scratch that.
I've been thinking about this post All month. Nope.
I've been thinking about this post All year.
It all started with a discussion about what people post on social media. A discussion that I assume many of you have had before. A discussion about what we're sick of. What people need to stop "Sharing", and what you don't see.
 In this day and age of Over- sharing, the story- behind- the story is what fascinates me.
Years ago, when you took a photograph, you actually had to wait and see how the picture turned out! Shocking,I know. I think there has been an unfortunate development(pun intended). I think that some of the best photos that many of us have in our archives, are the ones that none of us planned on. The one's that were ill timed, and un practiced. There were no "throwing elbows" in attempt to look like a red- carpet walker, and thankfully the duck- faces were just for ducks.
I recently heard about a fabulous European vacation some mutual friends had taken. Accent on fabulous, amazing, or any other overused social media adjective. The couple had a wildly romantic trip planned to Oui Paris, complete with champagne toasting at the top of Le Tour Eiffel. What you didn't see on social media was the bickering that started on the way to the airport. You missed the non- stop rain that pummeled the couple nearly the entire trip. And you missed the tears that fell at the top of the tower where the young woman stood questioning her marriage.
Isn't it grand how we can "Crop- Out" all the sadness?
For the by- standers, and bullshit callers: This is what Kills us! We're the one's that know about your crappy relationship. The ones that know about the resent a woman has to her husband and then see's a  "Love you always Honey" status update crop up. We're taking the phone calls once again, late at night when your better half, hasn't made it home. And we are the ones, rolling our eyes in unison, at the façade your posting.
Like this Christmas, for example. You may have missed P's turning into a 7 year old when he couldn't get his cash out of his ornaments on the "Money Tree". You definitely missed me throwing 2 of the 5 ornaments on the floor shattering them to unleash the stash. And you certainly didn't see the bloody hand he had from scooping up the broken glass! And as dysfunctional as they are, they are the memories that we someday soon laugh about.
But that's what Blogs like this are for. The topics are about the real things that happen everyday, and for saying the things that everyone is thinking that no one wants to say.
So, What did you "Crop- out" this Christmas??

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  1. I told you someone would be busting balls. Bahahahahahaha