Sunday, September 29, 2013

Horsing around Sunday

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Life in Cars

My relationship in Cars begun at age 3. There I was, standing with my arms raised high above me to grab the steering wheel. My tiny hand turned the big silver key as hard as it would go, on my Dad's command. Later on I would grow to know to be able to, "pump the gas". That was age 5. It was a green 4 door Crystler, and her name was "Betsey" but I knew her less affectionately as "Not-Dependable". She was the reason I was regularly late for school, and always embarrassed when being dropped off. Betsey was a seasoned veteran of the visit to Gene Elders Garage to have something replaced, re- built, or re- aligned. Even at 4 I knew the bill was going to be steep, and the tension around it in the house tight. When it was time for Betsy to move on to another home, up she went on the car dolly and I couldn't have been happier.
Mid-way through college I was applying for other opportunities at Universities across the country. I had an interview in Seattle, and my boyfriend at the time lived about 7 hours away. So I flew to him and off we drove in his roommates old Chevy. About an hour out of the Seattle, the transmission blew, and I missed my interview. The roommate insisted we get the truck back.  We ended up having to rent an empty U-Haul truck, to tow the broken down Chevy 7 hours back, through rain and snow showers. Several thousand dollars later...  
Then there was the yellow Toyota pick up. I had my first "Real" job and managed several retail store  locations. I un-willingly drove a yellow Toyota pick up truck, who's tires came above my waistline. There was more rust on the truck than actual paint, so I'm surprised people still could tell it was yellow. The frame had been rusted and re- welded so many times, that highway driving over 60 miles per hour was out of the question. People joked that it was going to be like the Flinstone's car that split apart when Fred and Barney were driving it. In the end, the kid we sold it to took it to the county Fair's Demolition Derby, where we heard it respectively took 2nd place.
The yellow Toyota pick- up was replaced by a navy blue Toyota. One icy night in February, when I was building my first home, I took that truck sideways into a ditch to avoid on- coming traffic, and flipped it upside down. Crazy thing was, the truck never stopped running, and didn't have a scratch on her after a local farmer and some farmhands flipped it back over. I drove it away, also without a scratch on me. That truck later became the plow truck I used to clear my driveway in heavy winters.  There was the 4- Runner that intermittently needed to be "Rocked" to get it started. Almost always when I was wearing a suit and heels. Years later after a night of heavy drinking with a group of friends, that 4- Runner up and decided that the only gear it was going to travel in was Reverse! So off we went, the 2 miles or so, through downtown, Backwards!!
There was my little red Fiat, that I loved dearly. Honestly, I was terrified to drive it the first few months because I knew no one would see me coming. That car could have easily fit underneath your average semi- trailer, ala' Cannon Ball run. If you have never driven a topless, there is nothing quite like it in the world. 4 windows rolled down doesn't even compare. Even after I almost had a turkey fly into the car with me, I have a huge place in my heart for her. I learned basic engine work, oil changes, and to Never, Ever, EVER think of mothballing Anything!!
It finally came: My Time. My time to find and choose a vehicle that I wanted. My time to not just drive, what was running, but to drive what was going to get me from place to place and more. The pre- requisites were basic. Room for my 2 dogs, leather seats, fold down seats for flea markets treasures to be transported in. And the biggest one: Reliable. My relationship with a bad man was over, and my relationship with bad cars was even more finalized. So off I went on a Saturday morning. The dogs came with me, and we drove to the dealership to sign off on our final papers. There we were just a happy family of 3 in our new ride.
It's been almost 4 years now, and I've lost one dog, inherited another, and gained a husband. Rover has been needing some extensive work now, and given my past feelings on vehicles needing work, it's been extremely hard not turning my back on her. I have to remember that this very vehicle gave me wings to leave a broken nest. It gave me the mobility to meet P and visit one of his favorite places, and it gave me the cargo space to move in with him.
Perhaps it's time for this truck to give another girl her ride, and give me another story of My Life in Cars.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pattern Party Thursday #OOTD

One of my favorite parts of design is the mixing of patterns. It can go very right , or tragically wrong. The colors should compliment one another, and work harmoniously together.
 Here's my daily Tip about mixing patterns: Within every great design, there are 3 primary patterns going on. As long as the 3 patterns are different in scale, you are on the way to having your own Pattern party!
Can the patterns be the same? Yes please!! Mix plaids and plaids, polka dots and polka dots! It will be amazing I swear! If you need to need to Neutralize something: Add a solid= Yellow sweater
What was I inspired by today? The yellow school bus ,,of course!
Go ahead this weekend and have a pattern party of your own! This very Same concept works in your home too! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's not My fault, your not Fabulous

I must have been in a mood today. A red mood, an open mood, a plaid mood. Because I found myself at a retailer I haven't stepped foot in since I could hide inside the round racks of clothing...Well maybe today I could still fit under there!
I don't know when it started, my relationship with clothes. I grew up with 2 older sister that had little interest in fashion and even less sense of personal style. I never wanted this to be a "Fashion Blog". Our environment is flooded with Fashionistas everywhere, posting Polyvore creations of "What I'm loving now". I love the Hunt, the relationships and what you do with what your handed. Not what your "Pretend Pinning"
I get asked All the time, How I put it together, How I find it, How can I help others style it. The truth is: Style is everywhere. Take it all in and take notes! Its in books, of recent and of vintage. It's in the colors of the trees against the backdrop of sky, and on the insects in the trees. I have to say on a daily basis, I am un-expectantly inspired by something. The bandana in the girls hair at the coffee shop, the lipstick on the woman at the bookstore, or the wool flannel circle skirt on a beloved blog I peruse every morning.
When I'm feeling un- inspired here's a little trick that works for me: I grab a favorite catalog, or image I've found online. I head to my closet and grab the closest thing to that outfit or color combination that I have. I add jewelry and accessories and voila! Usually by the end of it, I've got 4-5 outfits of epic collaboration ready to go for the next work week!!
 A great friend of mine just confirmed that people get stuck in a Fashion Rut. He believes that people operate under the guise, that if comes from a certain store, under a certain brand name: It's got to be good. I'm here to confirm, that belief could not be more faulted. So today I got out of my own Fashion Rut and visited a store out of my spare time circle. I found some great pieces, that I would have bought at one of my favorite venues. I spent under $35 and have a dozen, or so options to put in my ready- for - work rack!
So when I say It's not My fault your not Fabulous, it's really not. I'm am truly all the same places you are. I'm in the racks and in the shelves, and on the end caps. I buy what I love and figure I can make it all work later. I can be a boss, a worker, an artist, a mother to my dogs, and a lover to my husband. You make a decision everyday, how your going to show others, the way you feel about yourself,
So go out there, and Be Fabulous!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check, please?!

As an adult one of the most enjoying things to do, is to meet with others over cocktails and maybe even dinner. Unfortunately, meeting to consume beverages or dinner can also be the most awkward of adult situations. I am confident , all of my viewers of this blog have been in this exact situation, and I can assure all of you, You are Not alone in your wishful thinking that you could literally shrink into your seat.
Let me set the stage for you, if there is the slightest bit of  quizzical looks out there:
You are at a social gathering of 6-8 or more. The drinks are flowing, the appetizers are arriving, and there's even some sharing of plates going on! Inevitably it's coming: The Bill...! As soon as the bill arrives this is where things can get difficult and 1 of 4 personalities come out.
1.The Guy/ Girl that "Announces" to the waitress at the Beginning of the order process that he would like "Separate Checks"...By the way: That's code for: Everyone know knows I'm a cheapskate. I recently traded stories with a former waitress that received up to 8 cards to "Split" a transaction on!!! I would say 9 times out of 10 this "announcing" is  done by a "Cheapskate Girl"
2. The Girl...Always a girl(uuhggggg) That feels the need to be "Helpful" and break out the calculator from her purse or on her phone and calculate what everyone owes. By the way...Everyone Hates you! And you and your calculator are Not being helpful,,, just super annoying..This is usually the girl that orders a meal for $15.99 and "throws in" $15...
3.The Guy that retires to the bar and announces, "Let me know when you figure out what I owe". This is one of my favorite guys because he usually takes most of the men that are not being elbowed by their "Calculator Wives", with him and what's left is the hen house of "bill experts". The Guy that retires to the bar is usually the only genius that suggests everyone throws in an equal amount. Keep in mind, this makes the most sense to Me, and I'm almost always eating the Least!!
4. The Guy that Pays.
I have thankfully spent a good amount of time in my life with this guy. The Guy that wants to avoid the whole god- awful situation entirely enough that he'll pay the Entire Bill. He may not have the deepest of pockets, but he does have the deepest desire to avoid the: Calculate, Divide, and Fraction what someone owes after enjoying an adult evening out. He wants people to know that paying the bill is his way of showing his appreciation for the time spent with good friends, and it doesn't matter to him if you ate a salad or a rack of ribs.
So next time you embark out on an evening with people that you enjoy and want to spend more time with in the future, Think about asking for the
Check, Please.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wake me up, when September ends

September and I have a love affair. During what other month do the best colors come out to show themselves and you can still ski on the lake? Back when I was a boat owner, we were always the last ones the lake. Given an 85 degree day in late September or October, we'd head out to the lake. My only ski companions jockying for lake time were the occasional flock of birds that didn't head south yet. 

I was married in September, my parents were also married in September. 50 faithful years last September 12. I even changed our wedding date to book the most amazing photograher to record all the memories I can only hope to remember.

September is Augusts older, Parisian, more fashionable sister. September allows me to indulge in my most favorite fashion obsessions: The spring runway shows, and over-layering! I can scarf, boot, and mitten to my hearts delight! The blankets come on in extra layers and the flannel pajamas come out to be seen!

September smells like freedom to me after leaving a decade of bad memories behind. It's when we spend our nights now with all the candles lit and the windows open. I can bury my nose in my dogs ears, and bask in the sun of a Friday fishing afternoon.

 September to me is just dreamy, and hopefully always will be. So do me a favor, and Wake me up, when September ends.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Weekend! -

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blame it on the rain #OOTD

Just because it's Fall doesn't mean your Color can't come out and play!!
I'll be in the woods a few days..gathering blog topics I'm sure, so I hope this little ditty will tide ya'll over